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We have placed most of our edge to edge patterns here in downloadable PDF files!  You now have a lot of viewing options!

That means you can see what we have in stock immediately.

You can keep the entire Master Catalog or just one section of it on your computer for easy reference! You can even print a copy! That will require about 325 single sided pages.

You can update the catalog by looking at the date of the file, discarding the old file and downloading a new one!

The format is the universal Adobe PDF file format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, click here, the reader program is FREE.  The Master Pattern File is 8mb, which will take just a minute or two to download, separate files are really fast downloads. If you are wondering if you have the latest catalog, look at the date on after the file name. The most recent will be posted. We get new patterns monthly and we will add to them as we get them.

Depending on your version of Acrobat, when you open the program, move the cursor to the bottom of the page. There will be four buttons, press the one that says, "open PDF in preview" It will have a nice browser to look at! Also next to the "Open PDF" button is a "save as a download" button.  If there is no thumbnail window on the left side of the window, there is a button to open it on the left margin.  Also, next to the "Open PDF" Button, is a "save as a download" Button. This will allow you to save the catalog on your computer for future reference!



Abstract 8.10

Feathers 8.10

Leaves 7.10

Flowers/Roses 8.10

Insects 7.10

Butterflies 7.10

Animals 8.10

Valentines/Hearts 8.10

St. Patrick's 7.10

Easter 7.10

July 4th 7.10

Halloween 7.10

Christmas 7.10

Western 7.10

Ocean Nautical 8.10

Princess/Ballerina 7.10

Sports 7.10

Food 7.10

Misc 8.10

If you cannot find a pattern that you like, feel free to browse our pattern vendors websites. The only downside to picking a pattern we do not have in stock is, the cost of the pattern will be added to your quilting costs.

There are A LOT of patterns here to browse through. Once again, if you need any assistance or have a question about pattern availability, call Tomi.

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